Property Resolutions for 2017

31 Dec, 2016


No one can say that 2016 has been a dull year on the property front. We’ve seen changes to stamp duty, the buy to let sector, Brexit, interest rate moves and even foreign exchange fluctuations. We close the door on one year and open it to the next often with a sense of reflection on what has passed and hopes of what is yet to come. So, let’s talk property. I know everyone is probably flat out working out how to drink less alcohol, exercise more, spend more time with friends and family and generally be a better person. Well my focus here, you’ll be glad to know, is a little bit narrower and whilst some of my property resolutions may be the exact opposite of what you usually hear, read on and reflect over that cup of tea or your favourite festive tipple. If you want to be successful with all your property deals this year (buying or selling) then why not try my 2017 resolutions?

Say after me,  I will

  1. …stop fixating on the price of the experts and I will focus on service and quality.

By “experts”, I mean estate agents, buying agents, surveyors, solicitors, everybody! Your gran probably told you “you get what you pay for” and she was right. Be ruthless on quality, demanding of the best service and worry less about the price – it will pay off. There’s a place for cheap and it’s not in the world of property.

  1. …remember the person and downgrade the technology.

Before you get glued to your PC, tablet or mobile, why not try meeting a few people! Stare them in the eye, shake their hand and work out if they are the right person to manage the sale or purchase of your home in 2017. Consideration, communication and commitment make for a powerful team and campaign, whether you are buying or selling.

  1. …remind myself that good properties don’t sell themselves.

Well, they sort of do, but not at the best possible price. If you want a great price then find someone to help you set the marketing strategy, present the property perfectly and then work out how every single viewing will be managed. Attention to detail matters – it really does.

  1. … buy the property I want, not just what’s available on the open market.

Many buyers forget that some of the best properties never make the open market. Some sellers prefer the privacy of a private sale, dislike the intensity of multiple viewings or just prefer a more relaxed approach. A buying agent will help you find the property you dream of, not just the best of what seems to be available.

  1. …decide what I want and go and get it.

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s too easy to lose self belief and decide that you can’t find a property that suits your needs better than your current one, or that you can’t face the hassle of selling your home. Well, decide what you want to achieve, find the right experts to work with you and go for it! 2017 might just be your year.


Sheree Foy MNAEA is Principal of Source Harrogate, a buying agency and property finding service specialising in sourcing premium houses and apartments in the Harrogate district, as well as helping Sellers achieve the best outcome. For more information visit:, contact Sheree by e mail: shereefoy@ or call 01423 788759 for a no obligation chat at an early stage.

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