5 Top Tips on Street Appeal from the Streets of San Francisco

04 Aug, 2016


I’m not talking about about a seventies TV crime drama with a fresh faced Michael Douglas, but street appeal from the creative way the residents transform the appearance and first impression of their homes by utilising small gardens, terraces and even tiny patches of soil. In North Yorkshire, we might not have the classic weather combo of warm temperatures, lots of sun and a friendly fog to prevent plant dehydration but we can still get plenty of inspiration from taking a look at a few examples from sunny San Francisco.


The people that “had flowers in their hair” in the sixties now have flowers and foliage around their homes and on their streets. The Pacific Heights area (the suburb with the family home in the ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ movie) is a classic example of how to present your Des Res.

So why bother in the first place? Is it really going to make that much difference? YES!

  1. According to many psychologists, we make up our minds about a person within thirty seconds of meeting them. Similarly, when viewing a house, a solid first impression is formed just as quickly and often before your prospective buyer has walked through your front door. So setting the scene is all important.


Whether you live on a steep hill like this street, have a small garden or even a patch of soil the size of a ‘Welcome’ Mat it can be used to grow something far more welcoming, and if all else fails, use pots, foliage and colour.

2. TLC (time/love/cost) on the outside shows you care and have cared for your property long before you instructed the estate agent to sell and suggests you have maintained and looked after your home on the inside. Buyers want to feel they are not just buying their dream home but an investment and certainly not a money pit – any signs of lack of maintenance, and the love has gone.



3.  A pruned and planted street can lift the neighbourhood in the ‘desirable area’ stakes, it doesn’t have to be as formal as this sidewalk garden project but a little initiative and co-operation between neighbours can go a long way and enhance the experience for those choosing to stay as well as those looking to move on. This might mean you trim the hedge on your neighbour’s side as well as your own, or enlist a little support to keep frontage as decluttered and sharp as possible.


4.  Whilst street appeal doesn’t guarantee higher price, it does improve marketability – the more marketable your home, the more likely the possibility of competition between interested parties which is good if your aiming for ‘top dollar’. Sometimes, the first thing in view isn’t your home’s best feature, like these garages for example, the bougainvillea produces a smile rather than a grimace. Always aim for a smile!



5.  And remember, adding street Appeal is relevant whether selling now, next year or even the year after. Some effects can take a couple of summers (even more!) to really ‘sing’.  So if you’re looking for an autumn sale or a spring campaign next year, it’s time to think about ‘flower power’!

OverhangingBushSF                         FoliageWallSF


Sheree Foy MNAEA Principal and Property Consultant of Source Harrogate, the property finders, aside from being a seasoned traveller, lived overseas for a decade and was involved in multiple premium property transactions, where the process was frequently different. Now firmly settled in North Yorkshire in the UK, she specialises in sourcing premium homes (including off market), negotiating and securing to exchange of contracts and is dedicated exclusively to the Harrogate area. If you’re planning to move and looking for something different to get the best outcome, please feel free to contact us at an early stage for a friendly, no obligation chat 01423 788759 or e mail  shereefoy@


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