Property Campaign Lessons from the 2017 General Election

17 Jul, 2017


I do wonder if everybody is getting immune to surprises. It seems a long time ago that the Brexit verdict surprised many, before Trump’s triumph astonished. Emmanuel Macron seemed to have restored normality but the latest election result seemed to stun everybody except a beaming Jeremy Corbyn. I’ve already been asked countless times what the impact will be on the Yorkshire property market. Well, here’s the shocker. I don’t know and nobody else does either! Ignore the property experts that say nothing has changed and that property prices and confidence will climb back to normal. They don’t know and nor do the doom-mongers that tell you that the market is heading for a fall.

What I do know is that there is a lot of similarity between an election campaign and your personal property campaign to buy or sell your home. For example, the British election campaign takes about seven weeks. That’s about right to buy or sell your home – up to the point of offer and acceptance of purchase price; the due diligence by the various professionals involved in the process will vary case by case. People who tell me that they’ve been trying for a year or more may not have applied the right intensity. Some commentators suggested that Theresa May ran a defensive campaign and didn’t really go for it. I would love to have the phrases ‘just testing the market’ or ‘just looking on the off-chance’ and anything similar, entirely banned from anybody’s personal property campaign. Don’t be the author of your own misfortune, give everything to the task of buying and selling your home and success will be yours.

Jeremy Corbyn’s performance reminded us of the power of presentation. I’ll leave the political commentators to argue about the technical content of the manifesto, but the passion and chutzpah of the campaign are beyond doubt. I see so many homes that need that extra something to complete the look, perhaps flowers in the garden, mowed lawns, sparkling windows and a crisp front door. It could just get a few extra votes!

UKIP showed that you are always vulnerable if you stand for one thing only. I’m often told that a property will sell quickly just because it’s in a great location or is unique with six double bedrooms. Well, no it won’t! All the ingredients need to be put together in a compelling package.

In contrast, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party showed the importance of focusing your efforts on areas where you are likely to enjoy the best result. The property equivalent for buyers is holding onto your non-negotiable criteria when viewing the market and for sellers it’s making sure that there is a home presentation budget and that it’s applied in those areas that really attract buyers. For example, there’s little point painting the house if the big blocker is outside where there’s a clear sight line between your back garden and the busy road it backs onto, when investing in some tall, mature trees would solve the problem.

So, you’ve reached the end of the campaign and you can either celebrate success with the purchase or sale of your home, or feel the frustration of failure. Successful candidates in the property campaign of 2017 will be passionate, advised by experts and focused. The team of experts should include a listing agent that navigates through the most challenging roadblocks and sees the process through to fruition; a canny conveyancer to act proactively and promptly to avoid the curve balls and a sharp surveyor to cover your back. An increasing trend is for buyers to invest in a buying agent to find, negotiate and secure their ideal home on or off market and bag the best result and for vendors to employ a property consultant to provide the sales strategy to secure a price beyond expectations. How are you and your team shaping up?

If you’re buying or selling and would like your own personal strategist to oversee and manage the process please feel free to get in touch for a friendly no obligation chat on 01423 788759 or e mail shereefoy@

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