10 Jul, 2016

How could Brexit affect the Harrogate Property Market?

  The EU referendum, one of the most important choices of our generation and the votes are in. The result is Brexit. The world and his wife contemplate the consequences. As for the British, and let’s not forget, we are...


12 Jun, 2016

Looking for Your Happily Ever After Home?

  Looking for your Happily Ever Home? Then read on. This year there’s been a lot of page space devoted, quite rightly, to the EU Referendum as well as tax implications of purchasing property. So I thought I’d write about...


23 May, 2016

Roofing – We’ve Got it Covered!

  I know, I know, when most people think of spring, they’re not visualising roofing the house! But if you need to undertake such a project, better make it snappy as this is a good time of year, and unless...


02 May, 2016

Town Versus Country – The Harrogate Home Debate

  There’s been a fair bit of discussion in the national press about whether town or country is the way to go for your next dream home. Well, every area in the UK is different, but as the only property...


04 Apr, 2016

House Sale – 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make

  There’s lots of advice out there about what to do when you’re selling your home. I’ve written plenty myself. I thought I’d go in the opposite direction in this blog and tell you what not to do if you...


14 Mar, 2016

Preparing for a Spring Sale – Your 10 point Plan

  The daffodils are blooming and it’s time for your spring house sale. It’s this time of year when buyers and sellers come out of hibernation and you need your home to stand out from the rest and command top...


28 Feb, 2016

Luxury Homes – Behind the Gloss

  So, you’ve made that mental leap and decided that your next home will have some touches of luxury. So what do you look for? There are so many leisure options, it can leave your head spinning. And remember, your...


14 Feb, 2016

Perfect Home, Perfect Partner – 5 Common Principles

It’s Valentine’s Day again. Did you know the search for a perfect home or a perfect partner might have more in common than you think? Many couples would have considered how they could show their loved one that they are...


31 Jan, 2016

Selling your House using Psychology not Kidology

There are plenty of  guides on how to sell a house. I thought you might be interested in a different approach to the secret art of selling at the best possible price. A little psychology goes a long way. So...


17 Jan, 2016

Snow & Frost – Keeping Your Cool at Home

  I don’t know about you but I was getting a little confused when the daffodils were starting to come up in December and it just wouldn’t stop raining. Well, it is snowing outside as I am writing this and...


03 Jan, 2016

5 Surprising Property Resolutions for 2016

Let’s talk property. I know everyone is probably flat out working out how to drink less alcohol, exercise more, spend more time with friends and family and generally be a better person. Well my focus here, you’ll be glad to...


14 Dec, 2015

Log Burners – 7 Pointers to Toasty Toes

The last few days have seen the mercury plummeting on the thermometer and there’s no denying that winter is well and truly here. It is now time to ensure that your existing log burner is working safely and efficiently (if...


06 Dec, 2015

Potting The Black

  As some of us have been listening to the dulcet tones of John Virgo and Dennis Taylor commentate on the UK Snooker Championship, it seems a good time to think about a Games room. I’ve written about treat rooms...


29 Nov, 2015

5 Tips to Stay Safe and Secure This Christmas

It’s that time of year again, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many people are either stocking up on Christmas gifts and electronics or preparing to get away from it all. Either way, it’s a good time to think about home...


22 Nov, 2015

From a Beachfront Lifestyle to a Yorkshire Life

    Most of you will recognise one of these photographs, the Stray in spring, 200 acres of grassland that wraps around the town centre of Harrogate, simply gorgeous and the other one might be a bit of a mystery....


15 Nov, 2015

Home Theatres – 5 Essential Steps for a Cinematic Experience

Lots of people ask me what the best “treat” room is for a house. Options include: games room, wine cellar, sauna room, indoor pool, home theatre… you name it! Of course, it’s all about personal taste, but for me, I...


09 Nov, 2015

Winter in Your Garden – 5 Tips That Will Pay Off

There’s no rest for keen gardeners even in the late autumn and winter months. A few extra actions now will get your garden leaping into action in the spring. So here’s my 5 top tips for your winter gardening schedule:...


02 Nov, 2015

It’s AGA Time!

There’s a group of people that genuinely get excited when the nights get colder… and we’re not just talking about the approach of Christmas. Winter is AGA time! True enthusiasts leave their AGA on all year round, but some only...


31 Oct, 2015

Great Customer Service – 5 Top Tips

People say that customer service isn’t rocket science. This is true, but like rocket science, everybody knows what it is but not everybody does it! Check out this “How’s Business” video for my 5 top tips How”s Business is an...


24 Oct, 2015

End of BST – 5 More Things To Do at Home

Oh no, it’s that time of the year again. The clocks are going back on 25th October and we trade a little bit of light in the morning for more darkness earlier in the day. Oh well, at least we...


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