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09 Sep, 2015

Source Harrogate Sheree Foy

Welcome to my first ever blog as Principal of Source Harrogate… very exciting. I’m going to try and burst into print on a regular basis with something topical, relevant or maybe just interesting to me. I’ve noticed that the first thing that my friends and acquaintances keep asking me is “what is a buying agent ?” (and I have this real feeling that the unasked question is “why bother!”).

Easy one first… Estate agents work on behalf of the seller to get the best price and conditions for the sale. They’re usually really nice people, charming even, but when push comes to shove they make their money selling houses for sellers. I work for the buyer exclusively: providing a focussed search to find that house or apartment that is THE property in the Harrogate area most suited to my clients’ needs, wants and lifestyle, regardless of whether or not it is on the open market. Once a decision is made to proceed, I will guide my clients through the process and drive the negotiation to secure the property at the best possible terms.

So why bother? Well, buying a house is often the most important financial transaction of your life. And it’s hard… particularly in Harrogate. In Harrogate, buyers dramatically outnumber sellers, many homes never even make the open market. And if you get your home choice wrong and have to choose again – the price of failure is high! Stamp duty (ouch), legal fees, surveying fees, the list goes on.

So, if you want to find that dream home in a stress free manner, get in touch and let me help you.

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