Home Theatres – 5 Essential Steps for a Cinematic Experience

15 Nov, 2015

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Lots of people ask me what the best “treat” room is for a house. Options include: games room, wine cellar, sauna room, indoor pool, home theatre… you name it! Of course, it’s all about personal taste, but for me, I can’t get past enjoying a great movie in a comfy seat with wrap around sound. Some peoples’ idea of a house with home cinema is a small room with a big TV, but it’s just not the same. So here’s how to approach it if you have a room with potential:

1. Use a professional home theatre firm with the expertise to guide you and follow through with the project. There are lots of decisions to be made including TV versus projector: performance of the system in relation to the aesthetics of the room and so on.

2. Choose your room carefully. It’s great if it is naturally dark, better still if you can make it darker with blackout blinds or curtains. Also, it’s best to avoid a room directly below the kids bedrooms for when England score that winning goal in the European Championship final and the room erupts!

3. Generally, get the best equipment you can afford. Costs are coming down all the time, but if you have the space and the desire, think about a projector with a decent screen.

4. Get the lighting right. Dimmers are a “must have” but your electrician can give you that “cinema feel” with recessed perimeter lighting.

5. Consider how everyone is going to enjoy the room. Trendy three sided sofas don’t really do it when all your friends come round to watch the big game or the blockbuster, nobody wants to sit at 90 degrees to the screen. It’s also important to aim for that “goldilocks” temperature; too warm and you’ll enjoy a snooze and too cold will lead to a movie free winter.

Have fun! Home cinema transforms movies, dramas, documentaries, sports and everything else. Hours of enjoyment lie ahead after a little thought and planning.

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Source Harrogate