It’s AGA Time!

02 Nov, 2015


There’s a group of people that genuinely get excited when the nights get colder… and we’re not just talking about the approach of Christmas. Winter is AGA time!

True enthusiasts leave their AGA on all year round, but some only pop it on when the extra warmth is a boon.

For those that don’t know, an AGA is a continuous source of cooking (ovens and hot plates) that has the side effect of keeping your kitchen toasty warm. So here’s my 10 top tips for AGA owners.

1. Get it serviced! A serviced AGA is an efficient AGA and will reduce your energy bill.

2. Give it a thorough clean before you turn it back on, unless you have asbestos hands. There are specific products like the AGA enamel cleaner and AGA chrome & steel cleaner available from AGA suppliers. It’s also a good idea to keep an e- cloth exclusively for AGA use, it is great for wiping spills and keeping it clean.

3. Buy some chefs’ pads for the stainless steel lids… avoids those irritating dents and scratches.

4. Bake-O-Glide sheets are a must to make the best toasted sandwiches!

5. AGA cast aluminium cookware means you no longer need to be an olympic weightlifter to get the full benefits of an AGA.

6. Use a timer. AGAs vent to the outside, so there’s no baking smell. No smell and a touch of absent-mindedness leads to an incinerated dinner!

7. Bread from the hot oven of an AGA is great! Crusty on the outside and soft/moist on the inside.

8. Keep a stock of homemade pizzas in the freezer. Pop them in the AGA for an instant healthy dinner.

9. Slow casseroles are one of the AGAs’ real fortes.

10. Experiment a little and don’t be afraid.

The Harrogate AGA shop is running workshops leading up to Christmas for AGA owners. Make 2015 an AGA Christmas!

If this article tempts you to get an AGA there is a new generation of AGAs to suit different lifestyles and budgets. Harrogate has an AGA shop conveniently located in the centre of town and there is T N Cook Ltd in Skipton that supply AGAs and has a large showroom with every model and colour on show .

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Source Harrogate
Source Harrogate