Luxury Homes – Behind the Gloss

28 Feb, 2016


So, you’ve made that mental leap and decided that your next home will have some touches of luxury. So what do you look for? There are so many leisure options, it can leave your head spinning. And remember, your home will probably need to be enjoyed and maintained for many years to come so it’s definitely worth some proper thought when you are house hunting. Here’s a practical look at a few luxury features.

  1. The indoor swimming pool (an outdoor pool would need a bit of North Yorkshire global warming) is the birthday party bonanza. You’ll certainly be popular with your children and their mates. Watch out for the answer to the question ” how much do you use your pool?”. “Not as often as we like” is the favourite answer I’ve heard. There’s more work and money than you might think in heating 50 – 100,000 litres of water, checking acidity and cleaning filters. But it does make for a great pool party!
  2. “Home cinema” is the most overused phrase in property specifications. I don’t mean a large TV on a wall with a few comfy chairs in front. Real home cinema is a game changer! Your own big screen, home projector and wrap around Dolby Digital sound puts you at the centre of the action. Better still if you can rake the seats so everyone gets a great view. The downside is money and space. The cost is essentially at the outset and the space has to be totally dedicated to your sight and sound experience. This is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!
  3. A wine cellar might just give you that “Downton Abbey” feeling. There’s something special about selecting a nice bottle that’s been snoozing in the cellar for the last decade. Lucky is the person that owns the house with the perfect basement just made for a bit of wine racking and some humidity control. A spiral cellar drilled into your floor is one option for the dedicated oenophile and shows a certain steely determination. The pragmatist is left with a dedicated wine fridge/cooler in the kitchen. Not quite the image, but certainly does the job.
  4. A “home gym” is the next contender for most overused property description phrase. This sometimes seems to be a bedroom so small that it becomes the sad home of 6 freestanding weights and an arthritic bike. A genuine home gym has more purpose about it. Load bearing and shock absorbent floors, professional gym standard equipment, the odd mirror for checking technique (allegedly) and a touch of Sky Sports entertainment or Sonos sound.  The big question is will you keep going to your home gym or be drawn away to the social side of a commercial gym?
  5.  And finally, the games room. A mecca for pool, table football, darts and perhaps even table tennis. Again, it’s all about the space. No-one’s ever tried putting a pool table in the corner because a few extra people are coming round for dinner. But on a cold winter’s night, there’s nothing to beat the warmth of a wood burning stove and the gentle thud of a black ball in a corner pocket.

So when you are looking for that little bit of luxury in your next home it pays to keep both your eyes and mind open!

Sheree Foy MNAEA Principal and Property Consultant at Source Harrogate is experienced in buying and selling premium homes. If you are interested in finding out how Source Harrogate can help you find your perfect home, please get in touch for a friendly, no obligation chat on 01423 788759 or e mail shereefoy@




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