Perfect Home, Perfect Partner – 5 Common Principles

14 Feb, 2016

Perfect Home

It’s Valentine’s Day again. Did you know the search for a perfect home or a perfect partner might have more in common than you think? Many couples would have considered how they could show their loved one that they are the perfect match for them.  Of course, the time for serious consideration in this regard starts early on in the relationship and it is just the same when you are looking to buy your “happy ever after” home. Here are 5 key principles that can apply to both:

  1. Know your “non-negotiables”. Think of these as your core values in relationship terms. These are likely to be aspects of your next property purchase that are critical to you. This could be anything from proximity to schools, ground floor apartment, number of bedrooms. Whatever it is, it will be personal to you and you need to be clear on your true non-negotiables and this will be the foundation of your search.
  1. Practicality versus Eye Candy. Whilst not wishing to seem dismissive of first impressions,  remember to look beyond  initial appearances so that you have as much understanding of your next potential home and don’t be blown away by knockout looks.
  1. Consider the level of commitment required to maintain and develop the property. Is this something you are happy with for the long haul?
  1. Is the house going to still “woo” you after the honeymoon period is over. A happy ever after home is one where you continue to feel content and glad that you chose it.
  1. This home needs to enhance your life, make you a better you! It should help and support your lifestyle and provide the security and emotional stability on which to build and grow.

Personality and understanding what you are really looking for can make all the difference!

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