5 Tips to Stay Safe and Secure This Christmas

29 Nov, 2015

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It’s that time of year again, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many people are either stocking up on Christmas gifts and electronics or preparing to get away from it all. Either way, it’s a good time to think about home security and make sure your Christmas gifts don’t end up in the wrong hands. This weeks’ blog has a more serious tone with a few things to consider as we approach the holiday season.

1.  Keep all doors and windows locked. Windows should be locked preferably with key operated window locks. Gates are better closed, that’s their purpose. Garage doors should also be locked. Whilst monitored intruder alarms provide an added layer of security they are an addition to and not a replacement for strong physical protections.

2.  Avoid  leaving high value or theft attractive items on display, by the window for example.

3.  If you are planning to go on holiday over the festive season, resist the temptation to advertise the fact on social media.

4.  If you do manage to escape the local Christmas rush for a break away, maintain the impression of activity; lights on timer switches can be useful. It is also possible to arrange for your post to be retained by the Post Office for the duration and a friendly neighbour can remove any junk mail, well worth the holiday gift!

5.  For those property owners looking for security surveillance, the cost of CCTV has reduced in recent years.  Nowadays discreet cameras can be installed so that it doesn’t look like your guarding a prison and you can see any activity through the cameras from a mobile phone.


Have a safe and happy festive season!

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Source Harrogate
Source Harrogate