Potting The Black

06 Dec, 2015

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As some of us have been listening to the dulcet tones of John Virgo and Dennis Taylor commentate on the UK Snooker Championship, it seems a good time to think about a Games room. I’ve written about treat rooms before (Home Theatres – 5 Essential Steps for a Cinematic Experience) and a Games room is another example of pay once, enjoy forever, whatever the weather.

Homeowners are increasingly looking to improve the way in which their home supports their leisure activities and a games room with a snooker or pool table adds a little bit of luxury and hours of enjoyment for people of all ages. So here’s my 5 top tips if you are contemplating creating a games room and nurturing your inner “Rocket Ronnie”:

1.  Unless you have a room the size of the Crucible, a full size snooker table is unlikely to work. Fear not, whilst your dream of a 147 break in your own home may be over, there is still the possibility of a great game and a great time with a smaller pool table. There are different sizes on the market to suit your requirements and a 4′ x 7′ is a good compromise but remember you will need at least another 4′ around the perimeter to avoid cueing frustration!

2.  Don’t go too cheap (because it won’t be too cheerful). You need a table with a decent slate bed. Prices are still reasonable and it is worth using a specialist supplier. I know of a very good experience with a dpt table and there will be other specialist firms out there.

3.  Pool tables are not too difficult to set up but it is worth using a professional (the local agent of the specialist supplier perhaps) to set it up in the first instance and show you the tricks of the trade.

4.  Buy 2 sets of balls (snooker and pool) for twice the fun and a sneaky way of getting the kids to practice arithmetic!

5.  Invest in a cue rack to avoid cue damage as well as the head over heels accident when it’s left in the wrong place.

Finally, a cover will keep the dust off and a brush will keep your felt looking good. Enjoy potting those balls, I must sign off now to watch Robertson and Liang in the final!

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Source Harrogate
Source Harrogate