Preparing for a Spring Sale – Your 10 point Plan

14 Mar, 2016


The daffodils are blooming and it’s time for your spring house sale. It’s this time of year when buyers and sellers come out of hibernation and you need your home to stand out from the rest and command top dollar. That is your mission and this is your plan. There are lots of things to do when managing the sale of  your home such as choosing the right agent, setting the best marketing strategy and identifying the correct guide price. But at the end of the day, the biggest prize often goes to the property that is best prepared. So here’s my 10 point plan to get your home hot for a spring sale.

  1. Street Appeal. First impressions count. Jet wash the driveway and patio, sharpen up the garden and inject more colour with planting and pots. Make sure that your front door looks pristine, paintwork, varnish, knobs and knockers and that the doorbell works!
  2. Snaglist. Everything needs to work as it should. Touch up paint scuffs, tighten up loose fittings and fix what is broken. If you think you can leave things for the next homeowner, think again. A discerning buyer will notice and wonder what else has been left to deteriorate.
  3. Light and Bright. Clean all windows internally and externally and employ the fingerprint police to keep it that way before any viewings. Clean all blinds and keep curtains back to allow as much natural light as possible into living spaces.
  4. De-clutter. This doesn’t mean move a mountain of unnecessary plastic objects to your garage. The garage also needs to be decluttered to demonstrate it’s spacious enough to store a Hummer.
  5. De- personalize. Although you might associate your home with wonderful memories, your potential buyers need to be able to imagine forming their own. Neutrals enable this more than feature walls, chintz and a shrine of family photos or trophies. It has to be all about their future and not your past.
  6. Define the Rooms. If you’re selling a 4 bedroom house then it needs to have 4 bedrooms with beds in each one. A study needs a desk with a laptop and you need a clear flow through the layout of the property.
  7. Freshen Up. Deep clean carpets, curtains and ovens where necessary. Use a professional if it’s heavy duty and a major transformation is required. Your Des Res needs to sparkle and smell fresh.
  8. Photography. Your home is now photo ready and a good photographer with the right equipment and an eye for detail is essential. Shoot when the weather and light is right (late afternoon is often a good time) and occasionally separate visits for internal and external are required. You naturally want all your photos to look good for your sale but you need three great pictures and your “money shot” or thumbnail for advertising needs to stand out and grab attention for all the right reasons.
  9. Viewings. No cars, no kids, no pets. Before you get grandma behind the wheel of your beloved motor carrying your precious cargo, this just refers to the duration of the viewings. Buyers need to see a clear way into the home with no distractions once inside. Make sure it is spick and span, bathrooms spotless and get those perfumed fresh flowers out.
  10. Agree on a clear viewing strategy with your estate agent. Who conducts the viewings? Consider the merits of an “open home” viewing. My top tip is to start and finish on a high.Good luck!

If you are interested in some assistance to help you get the best outcome, we can talk to you about this and so much more. Please feel free to contact us at an early stage for a friendly, no obligation chat 01423 788759 or e mail shereefoy@


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