Selling your House using Psychology not Kidology

31 Jan, 2016


There are plenty of  guides on how to sell a house. I thought you might be interested in a different approach to the secret art of selling at the best possible price. A little psychology goes a long way. So here are my 5 top tips using psychology to sell your home.

1.  Did you ever think why you find it easier to remember the items at the top and bottom of your shopping list? It’s called the primacy and recency effect. This means that if your potential buyer is on a viewing tour, you need to ensure that your house is either at the front or the back of the queue. Avoid the graveyard of the middle – your lovely property will just be a blur.

2.  Match the language of your buyer. Visual people use visual language and tend to admire views, artwork and aesthetics generally. “Feeling” people tend to use phrases like “I feel”, “it seems to me” and are trying to imagine their life in your house. Let “auditory” people lead the conversation as conversation brings comfort.

3.  Resist the temptation to describe your home as a set of features rather than benefits. It’s not a kitchen/diner, it’s the heart of the home where the family enjoy Sunday brunch: it’s not a lawn it’s the venue for the kids’ summer 5-a-side. This is about presenting real features in an engaging manner without gilding the lily. Remember, pyschology not kidology!

4.  Anchoring is where you subtly convey the true value of your home. Make sure you have a brochure available, just in case the buyer hasn’t brought their own. Emphasise the great value the price point represents without shouting about it : quality whispers, vanity shouts. Slowly the buyers’ price perception will move towards yours.

5.  Finally, loss aversion is that human instinct not to lose anything, whether it is money or items of value. Consider an “open home” if you feel there could be significant interest, or make sure you gently reference other viewings that you genuinely have.

Gently, gently now. Persuasion is a subtle art. Good luck!

If you are considering selling your home and would like some advice, please feel free to get in touch at an early stage. We can kickstart the process with a tailored marketing strategy and introduce the right agency for your needs and work with them to get the best outcome for you. Source Harrogate is only a phone call or an e mail away: 01423 788759 or shereefoy@

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