Snow & Frost – Keeping Your Cool at Home

17 Jan, 2016



I don’t know about you but I was getting a little confused when the daffodils were starting to come up in December and it just wouldn’t stop raining. Well, it is snowing outside as I am writing this and the thermometer is heading well below zero, so here are some practical tips to keep your property and yourself safe if the freeze sets in.

1.  Watch out for Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be really costly and incredibly inconvenient. Make sure heating systems are left on for background heat on any weekends away and lag any outside taps and pipes. If you’re in a panic with no insulation, bubble wrap or left over carpet underfelt will do.

2.  Salt and Grit

If you haven’t already, go and get your salt and grit from the garage now. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as finding everyone has sold out just as you need it.

3.  Protect your Plants

Whether you’ve still got cyclamen in your tubs or some of your plants are a little tender, a hard frost can undo a lot of gardening effort. Fleece blanket sold off the roll at garden centres works a treat. Again, if you find yourself needing a DIY solution, old sheets and some elastic should do the job.

4.  Don’t Break a Sweat if You’re Clearing Snow

You might fancy a workout when you are clearing the snow, and if so, keep going with the shovels and the spades. If you’re more into efficiency, a snow shovel from your local hardware store makes light work of it.

5.  Enjoy Yourself! 

When it does snow you can always release your inner child! Maybe a snowman in the garden is a step too far, but RHS Harlow Carr Gardens are wonderful when dusted with snow. Wrap up warm and connect with the season and nature.

Enjoy the cold snap and remember if you’re looking to buy or sell, Source Harrogate is only a phone call or an e mail away (01423 788759 or  shereefoy@ We are helping buyers find their dream home at the right price and sellers achieve the best outcome.

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