Town Versus Country – The Harrogate Home Debate

02 May, 2016


There’s been a fair bit of discussion in the national press about whether town or country is the way to go for your next dream home. Well, every area in the UK is different, but as the only property finder dedicated exclusively to the Harrogate area, I thought I’d share my views. Of course, it’s your view of the world that really matters but here are a few considerations:


Well, Harrogate is the “Big Daddy” in terms of price in North Yorkshire. Other smaller centres like Ilkley and Ripon offer a modest step down in cost and for more rural locations your pound goes even further. So the countryside wins in the value for money stakes.


Here, it’s all about a sliding scale. Harrogate has the lot in terms of restaurant, cinema (even more so with the Everyman Cinema opening soon) and everything else. Smaller towns such as Knaresborough and Ripon have good facilities too and offer a little more value. In the countryside, many villages offer limited facilities, so work out what matters to you most. Is it a general store, post office, restaurant or maybe just a friendly pub?


Unless you enjoy a personal helicopter, most people are thinking road, rail or bus. The York to Leeds rail link offers access to a number of villages and this rail link is destined to be upgraded one of these days. If there’s no rail station, check if you’re on a bus route and the frequency of service. And finally, if there’s no bus or rail link, it’s worth considering a 4×4, you might just need it in winter!


Country schools have become a bit of an endangered species in recent years, and no-one knows whether the latest drive towards “academy” status will represent a fresh lease of life or the death knell. Time will tell. In the meantime, check out both Plan A (local) and Plan B (afar) to cover all your options.

Way of Life

The big smoke (well, not really) or the relaxed life in the country – the choice is yours. But, whether it’s a town house close to your favourite restaurant in Harrogate, gazing over the river Nidd in Knaresborough or chatting with the locals in a village pub, I’ll find you your dream home in the Harrogate area.


Sheree Foy MNAEA Principal and Property Consultant of Source Harrogate, the property finders, specialises in sourcing premium homes (including off market), negotiating and securing to exchange of contracts and is dedicated exclusively to the Harrogate area. Please feel free to contact us at an early stage for a friendly, no obligation chat 01423 788759 or e mail shereefoy@

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