Winter in Your Garden – 5 Tips That Will Pay Off

09 Nov, 2015


There’s no rest for keen gardeners even in the late autumn and winter months. A few extra actions now will get your garden leaping into action in the spring. So here’s my 5 top tips for your winter gardening schedule:

1. Don’t get too down on the lack of colour in your pots, pop in some winter alternatives like skimmia and cyclamen for some “blues” healing colour.

2. Get those leaves off the lawn! They introduce disease to the grass and store up spring problems. Mulch them with your grass clippings for great spring compost.


3. If you’re going to move plants, do it now when everything is becoming dormant. Summer moves are usually a very bad idea.

4. If you have a number of mature trees, get a tree surgeon to check the health of them. You don’t want a winter storm to lead to fallen trees.

5. Plant those bulbs now! It’s probably your last chance to plant tulips, daffodils and crocuses for example. They’ll all make you smile in Spring.


If the above all sounds a bit much for you, you’ll be amazed how a professional gardener can transform your garden. Check out my twitter  feed (@sourceharrogate) to see a lovely photo of an allium example that we are planting, which will be absolutely stunning next year.

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Source Harrogate