18 Sep, 2019

What happens after the Brexit deadline?

  In the Yorkshire Post, our partner Ian Foy comments on what might happen to the Yorkshire property market after the Brexit deadline. Click this link to read the full article.        ...


12 Jul, 2019

The difference between an estate agent and a buying agent

  Source Harrogate were very pleased to feature in the Yorkshire Post again. This article explains what a buying agent does for buyers and how using one can give them an edge.   Please click on the link for the...


29 Jun, 2019

Lifestyle change is what we do

  This is our ‘WHY’. Lifestyle change is what we do and we were delighted to see our clients featured recently in the Yorkshire Post. Source Harrogate  principal, Sheree Foy managed both house sale and onward purchase, instrumental in our clients...


16 Apr, 2019

Home Trends: how we want to live today

Our principal and property finder Sheree Foy takes a look at the latest home trends, garden ideas and alternative energy must-haves in this weekend’s Yorkshire Post. Click here for the full article....


29 Dec, 2018

Be prepared if you want to buy now

Sheree Foy, Principal of Source Harrogate explains how and why it is important to be a proceed-able buyer in the Yorkshire Post. Click here to read the article and put yourself in the best position to buy that house and make that...


25 Sep, 2018

Ditch the phone and enjoy home life

  Our latest article in the Yorkshire Post, in Scroll Free September.


13 Aug, 2018

Buying and selling a home Zen style will bring success

  Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of people buying and selling homes, from both professional and personal perspectives, having been through the process several times around the UK, and abroad. As such, I’ve watched a lot of human...


30 Jun, 2018

Rules for selling a high end home

  Everyone’s heard the phrase “to feel like a million dollars”. Well, the virility of the property market seems to be measured by the number of properties that get sold for that magic £1m figure. Property finder Sheree Foy reveals...


16 Jun, 2018

Garden rooms and the rise of the contemporary shoffice

  More of us are shunning traditional workspace for a garden room or shoffice, short for shed office. Source Harrogate principal Sheree Foy’s garden office, is featured in the Yorkshire Post where property editor Sharon Dale looks at the pros,...


17 Mar, 2018

Selling tips to suit all seasons

Is Spring really the best time to sell your home? Sheree Foy from Source Harrogate looks at the calendar and gives some selling tips for that successful sale. Click here to read the full article....


08 Mar, 2018

Trio shine to inspire women

Today’s business page in The Press is dedicated to inspiring women in business with news and views from a variety of businesses, including Source Harrogate. Click here to read the full article.    ...


08 Mar, 2018

100 FSB Women for International Women’s Day

  Sheree Foy, Principal Source Harrogate is one of the hundred women FSB members invited to share their wealth of advice and inspiration with women all over the world on International Women’s Day 2018. Sheree was asked to give a piece...


01 Mar, 2018

Harrogate, a Literary Hotspot

  Sometimes it’s easy to take our wonderful town for granted. Major literary festivals, great Arts scene, history, culture, dining and shopping, all in our beautiful walkable town. With no less than three major literary festivals this year, Harrogate is...


09 Sep, 2017

Excellent Pictures Sell Homes – So Insist on the Best

  Sheree Foy, Principal of Source Harrogate providing a main feature in today’s Yorkshire Post. Poor quality photographs can deter would be buyers, so it pays to get them right. Click on the link below and see why, when it...


17 Jul, 2017

Employ a Political Strategy when Buying and Selling a Home

  Always a pleasure to feature in the Yorkshire Post. This articles highlights the similarities between a property campaign and a political campaign. Property Advice Sheree Foy, property consultant, Source Harrogate, I do wonder if everybody is getting immune...


22 Apr, 2017

A Winning Games Room

  It’s ‘Game On’ in Yorkshire right now and as some of us have been watching the World Snooker Championship in its 40th appearance at the famous Crucible in Sheffield, it seems a good time to think about a Games...


15 Apr, 2017

Top Ten Tips for Preparing a Property for a Speedy Spring Sale

  Always a pleasure to feature in the Yorkshire Post. Property Advice Sheree Foy, property consultant, Source Harrogate,   It’s this time of year when buyers and sellers come out of hibernation and if you’re going on the market,...


23 Feb, 2017

Just like fine wine, the perfect home only gets better with time

  Always a pleasure to feature in the Yorkshire Post. Property Advice Sheree Foy, property finder,   It was Valentine’s Day this week. Did you know that the search for a perfect home or a perfect partner might have...


13 Jan, 2017

Improve Your Home

Home improvement ideas – little, large and somewhere in between. Comments and contribution from Sheree Foy, Source Harrogate.


31 Dec, 2016

Yorkshire Property Predictions for 2017


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